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Envases alimentarios SENA-SA

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Sociedad Envases Alimentarios S.A. (SENAsa) is a company dedicated to the manufacture of plastic packaging through thermoforming technology, exclusively for the food industry. Its strategic success has meant that it has, right from its very beginnings, enjoyed the prestige of a pioneering company in its sector. It has an excellent reputation on the market, where it occupies the most demanding segment in terms of products and also service and customer-focus.

With facilities in Aduna (Guipúzcoa) and Areso (Navarre), SENAsa is a medium-sized company, perfectly positioned between the large capacity of big companies and the flexibility of smaller ones. Its site is distributed over 7500 square metres, with over 35 employees. The company counts on nine production lines, each using different technologies, therefore allowing production capacity in excess of 6000 Tm per year.

The pieces manufactured by SENAsa make up a “standard” catalogue with 180 items, in addition to a further 100 “bespoke” products for companies requiring a customised product. This means that SENAsa is able to meet all requirements, from small packaging companies through to large multinationals. food industry packaging

SENAsa counts on cutting-edge technology in order to reach its goals, not only meeting strict regulations on food-safe products but also ensuring maximum efficiency and quality in its production processes.

New product families with a specific ecological character and respect for the environment.

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